Keep your Cool, inside outside and under the hood!

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Whether it is Winter Spring Summer or Fall. It is very important to keeping your vehicle protected from the elements. With weather changes comes different challenges to maintain a healthy vehicle inside and out . The fast approaching summer will most likely cause families to hit the road in search of some cool summer fun. Don’t be the one sitting on the side of the road , held up by the elements when your vehicle is too hot to trot !

When the rubber meets the road takes on new meaning when temperatures hit 100 degrees . Tires turning on a hot asphalt pavement can cause damage to them . The change in weather can also cause your tire inflation system light to go on. This can be stressful not only on you but on your tires . The best way to keep your tires healthy is to pay attention to that warning light and make sure the tires are inflated properly. Underinflated tires create more friction when they rotate . This heat causes wear and tear issues, it can even cause a sudden blowout!

Air conditioning issues range from dirty filters to dusty vents to low freon. The most obvious signs that a vehicles freon is low would be the lack of cooling. You may notice that the air is not blowing as cold as it was before or blowing warm air or some leaking fluids . No need to worry these are all easy fixes whether you are a DIY person or you can schedule a quick checkup with your favorite repair shop.
Inside heat can cause problems too, from scorching hot leather seats being to hot too sit on , to the steering wheel being too hot to touch. Always park in a garage when available, If there is some shade available then by all means park under it . Also keeping a window cracked even just a little will get some air circulating . Window shades help divert the heat as well. There is now new technology available for gadgets that excel the air circulation when your not in the vehicle .

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that antifreeze is just for winter when mixed with water in your coolant system of your car it will have a higher boiling point which means your car’s engine can operate at a higher temperature without the coolant boiling and escaping and going into your overflow container or the ground. It is very good to run a mixture of antifreeze and water year round no matter what the weather is. Most quality antifreeze have rust inhibitors and water pump lubricants in them which makes them more valuable to keep in your coolant system.

Although these are all items you can easily handle yourself. Some things require specialist, now days we not only need a mechanic but a technician. High tech Electrical, Enhanced Electrical , even software for some computerized problems can wreak havoc on your finances . Be prepared with coverage that will keep you cool in any situation. Check Engine light comes on, no problem. Air conditioner tanks on your road trip still no problem. For the cost of a single repair visits you can have the coverage that keeps you going and keeps you in the green.

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