Should I Purchase a Home Warranty?

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Thinking of purchasing a home warranty? Here are a few questions to help garner information that helps you decide whether a home warranty is right for you.

If you commit to purchasing a home warranty, you get a service contract that covers the cost of replacing or repairing many important appliances or home systems in your home when they fail. Plans can include heating, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical as well as major household & kitchen appliances you use every day.

Like many homeowners, you probably already have homeowners insurance. Many people choose a home warranty as a compliment to homeowners insurance, which protects the structure of your home against damage from things such as severe weather, vandalism, fire and accidents, but on the flip side do not protect certain items or appliances that fail over time.

If a covered appliance or system can’t be fixed, the home warranty company should replace it with similar equipment. Having coverage like this can add up to thousands of dollars saved per year, plus someone else dealing with the hassle of finding a repairman to fix the issue

Is a Home Warranty Really Worth It?

When determining if buying a home warranty makes sense for you, it can be helpful to know the life expectancy for your home’s systems and appliances and the costs associated to replace or fix those items. 

Find a Home Warranty That’s Right for You

If you want to protect your budget & have peace of mind, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a repair company when something breaks, buying a home warranty could be a terrific choice for you.

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