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My vehicle isn’t working properly, what do I do?

Claims: 855-662-7284

If your vehicle has broken down on the road, get yourself and your vehicle to a safe location

Drive or Tow your vehicle to any ASE Licensed Repair Facility or Dealership

Have the Repair Facility diagnose your vehicle

Provide your Policy Number to the Service Department

Provide the Claims Number to the Service Department (800) 205-8988

We pay all covered repairs directly to your Dealership, you only pay the small deductible

Common questions and answers

How do I file a claim?
Call 855-662-7284.
If I file a claim, will my premium increase?
No! No matter how many claims you file, your rate will never increase!
What happens after I file a claim?
The shop will be in contact with the claims department, determine if the repair is a covered component, and contact you to move forward.
How do I check the status of my claim?

You can contact claims directly at 855-662-7284 by calling our customer service team 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.

When should I file a claim?
As soon as your vehicle breaks down, please call the Claims or Roadside Assistance number on your contract. Your claims representative will determine the cause of failure and as long as it is a covered component, it will be taken care of for you!
How do I know if my claim will be covered?
Refer to your contract’s coverage section to find a list of covered components listed under your contract. See contract for more details.
How does the deductible work?
Once the repair is completed, you pay your deductible directly to the repair facility.
What if I need a rental vehicle while mine is being repaired?
Once your vehicle is in the shop and has been approved for at least 4 hours of work, you will receive rental car benefits up to $40.00 per day. Please see your specific contract for the number of days of rental eligibility. You may use either a dealership or rental agency, and depending on who you choose, you may have to pay up front for the rental car and get reimbursed.
Do I pay for rental up front?
It depends. Dealerships may have rentals available and you may not have to pay up front. If you need to go through a local rental agency, then you most likely would pay for the rental up front and get reimbursed once the repair is completed.
What if I break down after hours or away from home?

Simply call the roadside assistance number at 855-662-7284 to arrange a tow truck to take you to a local repair facility. Contact the shop in the morning to start the claim. Most of our coverages also provide Trip Interruption. If your vehicle breaks down 100 miles or more away from home and needs to be left at a repair facility overnight, your hotel and restaurant expenses may be reimbursed to you $50 per day, up to 3 days. Maximum benefit is $150.00 per occurrence.

How does repair payment work?
Once the work has been completed, claims will pay the repair directly over the phone with a credit card to the repair facility. You will be responsible for your deductible, plus any non-covered charges.
What responsibilities do I have to keep the coverage active?
You need to keep up with your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and keep receipts for all scheduled maintenance. You must be out of your scheduled waiting period to file a claim (see your contract for details on waiting period). Do not misuse, neglect, or modify your vehicle during the contract term.

*Please see contract for Claims and Benefits eligibility
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