Best Help With Car Repairs: How To Research And Not Get Scammed

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Why are repairs On CARS so stressful?

This question seems simple and a little silly, but if you have ever needed help with car repairs, but have no clue as to what just happened to your vehicle, then it is not as silly as it sounds. Car repairs are stressful because they are unknown.

Imagine this: you are driving down the road and all of a sudden you hear a loud bang and smoke starts pouring from your hood. At this point your heart is racing and you are looking for the safety of the side of the road. Once there you need to form a plan and fast. You call for a tow, sit and wait til the driver gets there and gets your vehicle hooked up, than off to the closest repair facility.

get help with car repairs so you aren't stranded on the side of the road

Once at the repair shop it is all a waiting game. You wait for the vehicle to get unhooked from the tow truck, you wait for the mechanics to have the time to look over your vehicle, and the ever dreading part of all of this is you wait for the technician to come out and go over the ever growing list of things that need to be done to get your vehicle safe and back on the road.

That’s when the ever longing question comes to the forefront of our minds: how much is this going to cost? Than the even more stressful question: how am I going to pay for this? Here is where we are going to go through some step by step guidelines to help you navigate yourself through a repair.

getting the Best help with YOUR repairs

1. How To check if your vehicle is under warranty.

It is shocking how many people spend their hard earned money on an extended vehicle service contract and have no idea what they bought or forget they bought it to begin with. When you go to the doctor the first thing you do is hand over your insurance. It is the same concept when your vehicle needs to go to the doctor as well, aka the mechanic.

Need help checking your car warranty? Check this blog post for more information. [[ADD LINK HERE]]

2. How to choose a mechanic

Choosing a mechanic is a very important part of the repair process, you do not want just anybody fiddling around with your investment. First you need to know what is available in your area: private shops, dealerships, commercial chain shop, etc.

Second you need to know what kind of certifications they hold. In this day and age we are literally driving computers on wheels. The right certification can go a long way from just one trip to the shop to multiple to get the same job done right.

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3. How to purchase a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)

When shopping for a vehicle service contract time is of the essence. Once you are out of your factory warranty the options start to get more and more limited and at higher rates (the older the vehicle is and the more miles, the more likely it is to break down, ie: the more it is to cover) The earlier you start shopping the better your rates are going to be… and the more help with car repairs you can expect to receive when accidents occur. This goes for both new and used vehicles when you first get them.

Do your research, the majority of the time if you are seeing a TV commercial or hearing a radio ad that is more than likely not the most reputable company to be dealing with. They put more money in to their advertising than they do paying out on your claims.

Another thing to look out for is continuous phone calls. When a company is calling you about an offer for coverage they are working off a “cold call” list and load them into a robo dialing system again and again and again.

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Choosing your VSC

The best ways to get a VSC is either through offers in the mail, or asking your dealer or mechanic. Always remember to ask these questions.

  • Who is administrating this contract (who is paying the claims) that is the company you are going to be dealing with when you are in the shop broken down.
  • What is their BBB rating?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • How long is the coverage for, both time and mileage?
  • What does the contract not cover? The term “bumper to bumper” no longer exists. If any one is telling you that they are offering a bumper to bumper contract for your vehicle, run! That is not a legitimate company or policy.

Take hold of your stress today!

Do not wait to be in need of help with car repairs on your vehicle. Be proactive not reactive. Your vehicle is typically the second most expensive investment you have, second only to your home. Protect it. Call Service Protection Direct today and let one of our agents get you the peace of mind we all need and eliminate the stress from your life @ 1-800-986-3608.

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