"Our questions we’re answered and we found a service station very close to home."
– Elaine, TN, 2003 BMW X5

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Our traditional PD GO program is designed to provide some of the most comprehensive coverage available today but with a wide array of payment options. This helps offer our customers many choices that fit their monthly budgets

Protection Direct is leading the way in providing an umatched level of customer services. Our customers can call ONE SIMPLE PHONE NUMBER with any question, concern, breakdown or need. Based on your need, you’ll be routed to one of our specialized concierge team members:

Auto Nurse: Protection Direct’s Auto Nurse™ line is there to help answer any vehicle related questions from “what type of fuel should I put in my vehicle” to “how does my coverage work?”. Our Auto Nurse Specialists will also diagnose possible concerns that may turn into vehicle breakdowns. Plain and simple: they’ll listen to your issues and point you in the right direction.

Claim Advocate: If your vehicle breaks down or you have reason to believe it may be about to, you’ll be routed to our Claims Advocacy™ specialists. This team is there to walk you through the process, including coordinating towing to a repair facility and providing substitute transportation. The Advocacy team will be there to support you before, during and after your vehicle is repaired.

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